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Check Out the Post- Seed Fundraising Process Timeline and Checklist

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Take a look at the timeline of a typical fundraising deal, as well as the checklist to kickstart a fundraising process

Global venture capital activity roaring

Global VC investments reached $183.3bn by Q3 2018, surpassing the annual total in 2017 of $171bn!

  • Total VC investments in the US reached $84bn in Q3 2018 
  • Healthcare and urban mobility sectors among the hottest for VC investments
  • Deal size continues to grow, with a median of $8M, $16M and $29M for Series A, B and C respectively 
  • 55 new unicorns born during the first 9 months of 2018
  • Corporate VC participation exceeds 20% for 2018 (strong presence of strategic investors) 

Understanding the fundraising process and how to raise capital from best suited strategic and financial investors

Affine's deck provides a checklist for kickstarting a fundraising process, and touches upon key aspects of the deal that will provide you with a high-level understanding of:  

  • A typical process timeline and its components 
  • What do you need to kickstart a fundraising process 
  • Hints regarding how to structure the investor outreach
  • How can a company prepare for the due diligence process with potential investors
Download the Fundraising Timeline and Checklist