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Take a look at some of the top acquisitions of 2018 in the retail industry, and how these are shaping the future of multiple global industries.

Key trends in the retail M&A space

  • Push for further diversification
  • Retailers entering healthcare industry
  • Fight for dominance in the online retail space
  • Non-traditional customer cohorts targeted
  • Further consolidation in the industry
  • M&A as a means to acquire skills and know-how  

Some of the deals reviewed in the report

Amazon acquired PillPack, a medication management and delivery company, in a deal that erased over $11bn in market cap for established industry players such as CVS Health and Rite Aid. 

Amazon acquired Ring, an outdoor home security company, empowering 'Amazon Key' and strengtening Amazon's position in the smart-home market.

Macy's acquired a NY-based concept store Story to refresh its brick-and-mortar business through the know-how and talent of Story's core team.

Best Buy acquired GreatCall, a mobile phone and connected health services to seniors, cementing its position as a major consumer electronics provider to elderly.

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